InteGREAT YOUrself !

The “InteGREAT YOUrself” is a joint initiative of the members of 6 partner organizations from Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Poland, Romania and Italy, who – after recognizing the existing needs of their peers, agreed together as follows: in the era of migration, when society is becoming more diverse ethnically, culturally and ideologically, when the topic of migrants has become one of the most important and present in the daily life of every human being at any age, but especially young people, who have the greatest influence on the shape of the future world, a very important aspect is the social dialogue, tolerance, acceptance, but most of all understanding of the situation of migrants. To explore the theme of interdependence and equality and to realize the important role of young people in the whole process, it is necessary – in addition to the direct integration of immigrants and discussions on topics related to their situation – is also focusing on our own personality, look deep inside into ourselves and understand the roots of our behavior and attitudes.

Project objectives:

  • to make young people aware of their vital role as people contributing to the use of the existing potential of mutual relations and their development;
  • to show young people their capabilities and create a space to get to know themsevles better and existing opportunities to increase the awareness of others;
  • to enhance intercultural dialogue by identifying common elements – to search for similarities and get new experiences from existing differences;
  • to promote non-formal education for the development of knowledge, experience and skills in order to increase opportunities for personal development of young people;
  • to integrate 36 people from different societies, with different backgrounds, outlooks and economic conditions;
  • to promote social inclusion;
  • to increase the openness of young people, as citizens of the EU, for other societies and cultures;
  • to mobilize young people and let them pay more attention to the important things that are happening right next to them;
  • to prepare 6-lingual brochure with texts and photos, promoting tolerance, intercultural dialogue, Europan values.

The main activity of the project “InteGREAT YOUrself” is Youth Exchange, which will be attended by 36 people. Participants are people interested in topic of the project, broadening horizons and changing attitudes, aquiring knowledge about existing possibilities. A group of 6 EU countries will be created with the principle of gender balance. The Exchange is going to take place in Zakopane, Poland, on January 13-20, 2018. During this time, participants will have the opportunity to acquire a range of skills and experience, as well as assimilate new knowledge.

Each organization involved in this project, during Exchange, will be represented by a group of 6 active volunteers, including 1 leader, giving a total of 36 participants. These are young people who are interested in the topic of inteculturality as well as open to find out more about the situation in other EU countries according to this issue and existing problems.

Methodology: Activities based on the elements and approaches of non-formal education – Holistic Learning, Experiential Learning, Intercultural Learning, Diversified Education, Learning through Challenges, Comfort Zone Expanding – used in thematic workshops, exercises and simulation games, discussions, presentations, outdoor games.


  • the acquisition of knowledge and experience, as well as new competences on the topic of the project and an active civic lifestyle – cultural awareness, tolerance, open attitude;
  • participants’ preparation to work and live in an international environment;
  • promotion of multiculturalism, non-formal education and Erasmus+ idea;
  • preparation of texts, photos – put in the brochure, presentations, videos and final evaluation report for the exchange of good practices.

The impact of the project should be understood primarily as an increase in the role and participation of the participants in the life of their societies, as promotion of the idea and European values and the existing opportunities and capabilities among target groups, the transfer of knowledge and experience, but also the creation of new initiatives on local, regional, national or international level, during which young people will share their competences with others and will spread the idea of tolerance, openness to new cultures and respect for other people, regardless of their origin.


The nature of the planned activities, as well as the fact that young people who are taking part in the project will acquire a number of competencies related to interculturality and the situation in different EU countries among societies, provide that each participant after the project will be able to have a real impact on the surrounding reality through individual and/or group actions, influencing positively to their peers, communities, and sometimes also on national and international socio-economic realities, basing on the idea of intensified international cooperation. This impact should be understood primarily as an increase of the role and participation of the participants in the life of their societies, promotion of European ideas and values, existing opportunities and capabilities among target groups, the transfer of knowledge and experience, as well as inspiration and initiation of further actions.



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