Besides of local activities, European Center for Youth Initiatives is really active in the international field, taking part in project and initiatives gathering together entities and people from all over the Europe. Those projects are inspired by young people taking responsibility for their development as well as development of their peers involved in the process of preparation, implementation and evaluation of each taken action.

Programmes supporting and financing international projects in which members and volunteers associated with ECIM took part are: Youth in Action, Erasmus+, Polish-Ukrainian Council of Youth Exchange and Europe for Citizens.

Till this moment, ECIM and its crew, in cooperation with 21 partners from 16 European countries, developed more than 20 international projects, organizing 6 of them in Poland:

  1. “Open Minded + Active + Creative = Hired”, under Erasmus+ Youth Programme
  2. “Many Languages of Journalism”, under Erasmus+ Youth Programme
  3. “Open Your Minds, Leave Stereotypes”, under Polish-Ukrainian Council of Youth Exchange Programme
  4. “Employment4You(th)”, under Erasmus+ Youth Programme
  5. “European Contact Making Seminar”, under Erasmus+ Youth Programme
  6. “InteGREAT YOUrself”, under Erasmus+ Youth Programme

2 other projects, being developed with partners from all together 10 European countires, are ready to be implemented.

More information about specific projects available on subpages dedicated to each of them, results and evaluation separately.

Other projects were developed and imlemented by partners, so ECIM and its crew had the role of supporters of the process, participating in preparation, main activity in Croatia, Cyprus, Germany, Georgia, Poland, Romania, Slovak Republic and Spain, ad later follow up phase with evaluation and dissemination of the results.