wordcloud_ECIMThe European Center for Youth Initiatives is an entity created by active in the wider youth sector young people. Their activities are focused on the development of young people by promoting openness and activity and use of existing opportunities and possibilities, especially those provided by the European Union.

The main objectives of the European Center for Youth Initiatives include:

– Promoting openness and activity of young people;
– Creating and improving opportunities for youth employment;
– Increasing awareness and knowledge of existing chances and possibilities;
– Promoting the idea of social entrepreneurship and sustainable development;
– Taking initiatives for the development and diversification in field of education;
– Promoting and developing consciousness pf the idea of European Citizenship and European Integration;
– Stimulating creative thinking and the idea of development through facing and dealing with challenges.

The activities implemented so far by individual members of ECIM consisted of:

– The establishment and operation of scientific circles;
– Involvement in the preparation of training courses and conferences at  universities such as University of Warsaw, Warsaw University of Technology and the Warsaw School of Economics;
– Involvement in the implementation of European youth projects as participants, leaders and coordinators;
– Preparation of brochures, articles, and photorelation in cooperation with the editorial and publishing houses;
– Preparation of workshops on the subject of social entrepreneurship and the development of international cooperation for young people;
– Involvement in the activities of non-governmental organizations active in the field of culture promotion, European Integration, entrepreneurship, personal development of young people.