Project Title: European Contact Making Seminar


Context of the project:

The project “European Contact Making Seminar” was prepared by the European Center for Youth Initiatives in collaboration with 13 partner organizations, whose very detailed selection as one of the basic principles was the existence of common needs, among which are:
1) Development of the Youth sector and the quality of work with young people both in selected countries and the EU.
2) Establishing contacts with non-governmental sector organizations from other EU countries to increase existing options for action and the exchange of good practices and their experience.
3) Creation of partnership, whose members will stay in touch and would work together to create new initiatives, sharing knowledge and ideas, using technologies, such as planned virtual common working space in the form of platform.
4) Personal development of youth workers from the scope of its existing knowledge of the Erasmus + and the opportunities it provides, as well as creation of the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience for youth workers who are relatively at the beginning of their youth work.

 Objectives of the project:

– Development of international cooperation in the NGO sector and establishing effective international partnerships.
– The exchange of good practice in work in Youth sector, as well as about establishing international partnerships, project management, use of instruments of non-formal education and ways of improving quality of youth work.ECIM_ikony-2
– Creation of space for the development of the youth sector initiatives, including future local initiatives, programs, training and education of young people in particular cities and countries.
– Promotion of Erasmus+, its initiatives and non-formal education by increasing knowledge about them and learning best practices regarding their use.
– Raising the competence of youth workers in complex project management and working with youth, its inspiring, mobilizing and motivating and activating Youth while taking into account the multicultural environment and rapidly changing needs of EU societies.
– Activating and stimulating young people’s creativity;
– Promoting non-formal learning for the development of knowledge, experience and competence in order to broaden Youth opportunities for personal growth and improve their situation on the labor market;
– Promoting European integration by promoting existing opportunities and possibilities offered by the EU among participants, their peers and communities.


The project participants will be 28 leaders and trainer (together 29 people), who will represent 14 different non-governmental organizations, from 14 different countries of the European Union. They are active members of their organization, speaking English as well as they have experience in the field of youth and implementation of international projects.

Participants Application Form_ECMS




ECIM_ikonyDescription of activities:

The main activity of the project is “European Contact Making Seminar”, which belongs to the category of “training of youth workers and networking – program countries”. Its implementation is planned for 10-16 September 2017 in Cracow. It is intended to provide an opportunity for all 14 organizations to establish new contacts, exchange of good practices, developing common results, increasing opportunities for international cooperation in the Youth sector and its intensifying and the revival of international relations in the NGO sector to improve the level of quality of work with young people in all 14 countries. 



The planned activities will be implemented using various methods of non-formal education which are:
1) The own contribution of participants – responsibility for their own development and education;
2) Experiential Learning;
3) Learning through Challenges;
4) Development of a comprehensive through the acquisition of knowledge, experience and skills according to Holistic Approach;
5) The work and achievement of goals in international and multicultural groups – Intercultural Learning.


The expected results include the creation of a permanent partner group and establishment of personal relationships overcoming existing barriers, as well as the development and stimulation of international cooperation, development of joint projects, which the partner organizations will be able to use in further work, as well as the creation of a catalog of good practices and a framework for the creation of virtual platform for creating and managing joint projects in future, which the leaders will be able to use. The entire project will be summarized with evaluation report, which will allow the consolidation and evaluation of all taken actions.

ECIM_ikony-5The impact of the project and the long-term benefits:

All organizations operate on a large scale by organizing local projects (workshops, meetings, etc.), some are also involved in the development of youth policies cooperating with local authorities, as well as international projects, including exchanges, trainings, conferences and others. Raising the level of competence of the persons directly involved in the creation of further initiatives of these organizations will help to make a real impact on people from the immediate surroundings of the organization, its members, young leaders, but also those cooperating with them on the occasion of activities in the region and throughout the EU. Participants will have the opportunity to pass their knowledge and influence on the development of the Youth sector by their future work, establishing new tools, activities, methods, but also by training more people interested in Youth work.


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