Log in to Life!

Project idea

The idea for the projectwas created after defining- both by the applicant and the partner organization- the needs of their members and the youth from their closest environment. In the first place, among the pressing problems of today’s young people, are problems with effective and satisfactory entering the labor market, as part of which employers are looking for more and more qualified, experienced and versatile potential employees. The youth particularly pointed to the lack of information about existing opportunities and possibilities as well as useful guidelines to understand the mechanisms governing the constantly developing labor market – both local and foreign. In addition, both organizations want to activate more and more passive youth, running away from everyday problems to the virtual world, losing many opportunities, even without noticing them. As part of the project, a number of activities was planned to allow for the exchange of good practices and comparative analysis, enabling the perception of similarities and differences between the European, Polish and Ukrainian labor markets. Thanks to the creation of a time space dedicated to promoting the idea of ​​entrepreneurship and acquiring competences necessary for active participation in social and professional life (which is considered the main goal of the project), with the support of active civic attitudes among young people, project participants will acquire or strengthen their willingness to contribute to the improvement of the situation of themselves and their peers. Joint action as part of the implementation of the measure will strengthen their sense of initiative and allow effective action for the development of local communities, then transferring acquired competences to other young people.

Specific objectives of the project:

  1. to develop more open, active and creative attitudes among young people;
  2. to identify existing opportunities and possibilities, including those coming from effective international cooperation;
  3. to encourage undertaking all sorts of actions and to indicate entrepreneurial ways of turning ideas and concepts into the surrounding reality;
  4. to disseminate instruments making job finding and being on the labor market easier and increasing employment possibilities;
  5. to show enormous role of young people, having their fate in their own hands, contributing to the development and improvement of life prospects in changing Europe, because they are its future and the development of their societies and international relations depend on them;
  6. to strengthen intercultural dialogue byshowing common elements, values and interests consolidating a sense of European citizenship, as well as the existing differences, as a field for the development of relations and mutual reaping good practices for the further development;
  7. to create opportunities and space for social inclusion of people with fewer opportunities, including immigrants;
  8. to promote non-formal learning, and to show the possibilities offered by information and communication technologies to move through today’s states and societies, also within the framework of the labor market;
  9. to promote language learning as a way of finding oneself in foreign labor markets and gaining experience, competences and international contacts.


The whole project will be based on non-formal learning:


  • Learning through challenges
  • Holistic approach (Knowledge-Experience-Competence);
  • Experiental Learning (Action-Experience-Reflection-Conclusion-Action);
  • Diversified Education;
  • Personal contribution and resposibility for education. 
  • workshops,
  • simulation exercises,
  • teambuilding exercises and name games,
  • speeches and presentations,
  • active discovery of the venue and sightseeing activities,
  • interviewing local population,
  • cultural presentations organized by the participants,
  • cognitive visits,
  • daily reflections and final evaluation.