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Upcycling and creating together



With this project, we will have the opportunity to spend our time tackling topics which affect us all, such as gender equality, social inclusion and environmental awareness. U&C’T is a project within the frame of Erasmus + (Key Action 1) which has as main goal to reuse different objects from materials which are considered useless, to create furniture and decorative items for a multicultural space for young people.

During 10 days, 42 young people, aged between 18-28 years old, coming from Portugal, Slovenia, France, Croatia, Italy, Poland and Spain, will work together through non-formal educational activities about this topic, to promote equal opportunities and social inclusion through artistic expression, in a creative and innovative way.
Together, we will come up with creative and innovative techniques to reuse and recycle waste or useless material. The participants will not only try to change the image of rubbish and waste in society, but will also give rubbish new positive meaning, creating furniture and decorative items for a common and multicultural space. During the process, we will encourage that all task are performed equally by girls and boys, so they will draw attention on gender stereotypes, overcoming fears and stereotypes such as “traditionally male jobs” or “traditional female jobs”. To do so, girls will work on woodwork and electricity and boys on decoration and sewing, this way we will break with gender stereotypes while we engage youngsters to protect our environment.

– Enable young people to acquire new skills, developing competences through practical and real experience.
– Deal with stereotypes and prejudices, promoting equal opportunities.
– Encouraging creativity.
– Increase awareness of young people about environment care, encouraging their active participation in their countries.
– Create a multicultural space for young people where they can continue their active participation in youth work, promoting projects like this in the future.

When and where?

The date will be from 14th – 23th of November 2016 (including arrival and departure days). The venue will be a Multicultural Center for Young People that we are trying to create, in the hamlet of Cerralba, with only 1.000 inhabitants, which is near of the town of Pizarra.

This space is supposed to be a center for young people from this isolated village, where they will be able to develop different participative activities such as local workshops, activities related with mobility programs like Erasmus +, alternative leisure activities, etc. with the collaboration of European Volunteers.

Nowadays IMAGINA and its volunteers are on the process of reforming the Center, and as you already know, one of the aims of this project is the collaboration in the creation and decoration of this Multicultural Center and this Youth Exchange will be the first one hosted in this space.
Although our means and facilities are limited right now, we will be able to count on a common dining room, meeting rooms and a wide yard with garden.
The accomodation will be in shared rooms. There will be two big rooms (male and female), equipped with single mattresses.


– 5 participants from each country, aged between 18-28 years old + 1 leader group (+ 18 y.o.).
– We think that gender equality affects women and men and we have to work together, so we would like to keep an equal number of participants of each gender, so please, try to keep gender balance in your groups!
– We are looking for young people who are creative and participative and who are interested in the topic, motivated by multicultural exchanges, with an active and proactive attitude and a critical spirit in order to fight for a better world respecting our environment!

Participant application form to be filled: CLICK HERE

More specific information, including travel and accommodation conditions and agends, in the following documents:

Info Pack of the project

Warunki uczestnictwa w projekcie zagranicznym