Title: ManagEmEnT by YOURSELF

Akronim: MEET Yourself

Period of implementation: 01.05.2018 – 31.10.2018

The main goal of the project is to create opportunities for the development of youth workers, by including 27 of them in the implementation of a project that main activity would be focused on the preparation and implementation of a 10-day Training Course as part of the Project Management Training.

The specific objectives of the project are:

1. Quantitative:

– Implementation of a 10-day training program dedicated to the development of competences related to project management for 27 youth workers.

– Development of competencies in the field of project management of 27 youth workers.

– Development of cooperation between 9 partner organizations.

– Development of 5 drafts of future local and international initiatives that form the basis for further activities of the participants and their organization.

2. Qualitative:

– Supporting professional development of people working in the field of education, training and youth by developing the knowledge and competences of youth workers in managing projects aimed at developing the youth sector, including the framework of European programs such as Erasmus+;

– Promotion of the idea of European integration through the application and development of elements of non-formal education and intercultural dialogue;

– Development of developing and monitoring competences in the field of international projects quality;

– Building and developing real and effective international partnerships in the field of education, training and youth work, serving, inter alia, exchange of good practices;

– Stimulating creativity and entrepreneurship by promoting ‘youth project management’ as an example of the path ‘From idea to action’.

Each of the 9 organizations participating in the project will be represented by a group of three people involved in the activities of their organizations on a daily basis as volunteers, youth leaders, youth workers, but not having extensive knowledge of project management. Each of the partners has in their team people involved in activities on many levels, who, however, did not have the opportunity to coordinate projects from the beginning to the end and who have the potential to support the activities of their teams in this area as well. They are people who work with youth on an everyday basis, and are active in the field of broadly understood activities in the youth sector on local, national and international levels. The group will therefore create 27 project participants, as well as 2 trainers responsible for the project from the ECIM’s side.

The group of participants will also include people with so-called smaller chances, which have economic and geographical obstacles resulting from their life situation. Some of the people involved in the activities of partner organizations, including the implementation of this project, are people from low-income families, which is also related to their place of origin – these people come from rural areas. The group of participants will also include people whose lesser chances result from cultural differences.

The main activity of the project – “Project Management Training”, which implementation is planned for August 3-12, 2018 (+ travel days) in Zakopane, will provide an opportunity for participants to develop professionally, primarily through the development of competences related to the comprehensive management of projects implemented by their parent organizations.The planned activities will be implemented using various methods of non-formal education which are:

1) Own responsibility for development and education;

2) Experiential Learning;

3) Learning through Challenges;

4) Development of knowledge, experience and skills according to Holistic Approach;

5) The work and achievement of goals in international groups – Intercultural Learning.

Among the results of the project should be mentioned first of all the preparation of youth workers to work with young people in the multicultural environment. Participants will understand the complexity of project management and will become aware of their different stages, and will be better prepared to take independent action. They will also understand the role of the individual in the transformation of local, regional and international realities, with special emphasis on active and creative approach to future work with young people. Participants will develop and enrich their intercultural awareness about different countries and societies of the EU. In addition, they will develop their competencies and skills associated with working as project coordinators, as well as motivating attitudes as youth leaders and supporters of the process of education of their peers during activities in the future. Participants will learn new ways of working with young people, including development of their knowledge about the non-formal education and assimilation of experience of each of its elements.