The project “Employment4You(th)” is a response to the existing needs of the youth sector, whose representatives from Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Poland, Romania, Slovak Republic and Spain declare their will of contribution to improving their and their peers situation in the labor market through joint action within the framework of the project and after its implementation through the development of local communities and the transfer of acquired competences to other youngsters.

Project objectives:

  • to develop more open, active and creative attitudes among young people;
  • to identify existing opportunities and possibilities, including those coming from effective international cooperation;
  • to encourage undertaking all sorts of actions and to indicate entrepreneurial ways of turning ideas and concepts into the surrounding reality;
  • to disseminate instruments making job finding and being on the labor market easier and increasing employment possibilities;
  • to show enormous role of young people, having their fate in their own hands, contributing to the development and improvement of life prospects in changing Europe;
  • to strengthen intercultural dialogue by showing common elements, values and interests consolidating a sense of European citizenship, as well as the existing differences, as a field for the development of relations and mutual reaping good practices for the further development;
  • to present Poland and Polish society as an example of openness for pragmatic development cooperation, including economic relations;
  • to promote non-formal learning, and to show the possibilities offered by information and communication technologies to move through today’s states and societies, also within the framework of the labor market;
  • to promote language learning as a way of finding oneself in foreign labor markets and gaining experience, competences and international contacts.

“Employment4You(th)” provides one main activity – Youth Exchange – Take a chance – Best time is now! – in August 2017, which will take place in Poland – Zakopane. During its implementation participants will have the opportunity to acquire different competencies – complementary and associated with personal and professional development and improving the situation of young people on the labor market.


Each organization involved in this project, during Exchange, will be represented by a group of 5 active volunteers, including 1 leader, giving a total of 40 participants. These are young people who are at the beginning of their career – choosing a course of study, studying, who complete the study this year, or who have completed it in the last 2 years. They all recognize the need and will to develop competences related to the functioning of the labor market and creating conscious carrier.

Methodology: Activities based on the elements and approaches of non-formal education – Holistic Learning, Experiential Learning, Intercultural Learning, Diversified Education, Learning through Challenges, Comfort Zone Expanding – used in thematic workshops, exercises and simulation games, discussions, presentations, outdoor games.


  • Increasing the employment and the effective functioning of the labor market opportunities for participants;
  • Development of competences, including soft skills and practical skills associated with creating own career pathway;
  • Construction of a group of open, active and creative young people;
  • Increasing the awareness of participants about the various possibilities, as well as their potential (self-esteem, self-confidence, etc.).
  • Acquisition of new knowledge and experience related to developed attitudes, including widely understood entrepreneurship;
  • Promotion of language learning, non-formal education and Erasmus+;
  • Development of friendly multicultural environment based on mutual dialogue and understanding.

The nature of the planned activities, as well as the fact that young people who are taking part in the project will acquire a number of competencies related to entrepreneurship and the functioning of the labor market, provide that each participant after the project will be able to have a real impact on the surrounding reality through individual and/or group actions, influencing positively to their peers, communities, and sometimes also on national and international socio-economic realities, basing on the idea of intensified international cooperation. This impact should be understood primarily as an increase of the role and participation of the participants in the life of their societies, promotion of European ideas and values, existing opportunities and capabilities among target groups, the transfer of knowledge and experience, as well as inspiration and initiation of further actions.


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