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Volunteerism Brings Us Together



Project idea and problem identification:

We have stated several sources of problems and misunderstandings of importance in volunteerism as a positive social value:

  • Prejudices;
  • Lack of adequate recognition for volunteer work performed;
  • Ignorance of volunteering in mainstream media;
  • Insufficient awareness of the importance volunteerism through educational institutions.

Project goals:

Overall objective of the proposed project:

  • promoting volunteerism among young unemployed people in countries with below average share of voluntary active population compared to the EU average

Specific objectives of the proposed project:

  • informing young people about the possibilities of volunteering in the EU,
  • the exchange of knowledge and experiences within participants of the project,
  • introduction of good practices,
  • encouraging active volunteering.

Holder and project coordinator: Youth association „Youth in the EU”- Croatia

Project partners:

  • Organization „Young Citizens United”- Bulgaria
  • Organization „Europejskie Centrum Inicjatyw Młodzieżowych”- Poland
  • Organization „OTI Arad”- Romania

Main project activity: Youth Exchange in Šibenik, Croatia, dates: October 10-19, 2016.

Number of participants: 26 (Croatia – 8, Bulgaria – 6, Romania – 6, Poland – 6)

Requirements for participants: aged 18-30, interesting in the topic, active and positive attitude, at least communicative English, involvement in the whole process of project implementation (preparation, implementation, evaluation and dissemination), fulfillment of individual questionnaire provided by hosting organisation.

The objectives of the main activities:

  • to expand the knowledge of participants on volunteering and the opportunities offered by EVS ( European Voluntary Service );
  • to motivate them to further active participation in volunteering and to approach the concept of volunteering as an altruistic activity in which they invest free time for the benefit of others and the welfare of the community.

Important documents to download:

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