Erasmus+_logoAfter hosting 2 projects in Warsaw and Zakopane and having a lot of wonderful moments, meeting great people while working during projects in Poland as hosting organisation and project coordinator, European Center for Youth Initiatives is going to have first results of partnerships in the role of partner. This autumn we would have a chance to participate in 4 Youth Exchanges and 1 Training Course:

  1. ‘United Colours of the Rainbow’ in Slovenia, September 2016; hosting organisation: Association Eternia with Mavricni Bojevniki;
  2. ‘EqualArt’ in Spain, October 2016; hosting organisation: Grupo de Desarrollo Rural Valle del Guadalhorce;
  3. ‘Volunteerism Brings Us Together’ in Croatia, October 2016; hosting organisation: Udruga mladih ‘Youth in the EU’;
  4. ‘Upcycling and creating together’ in Spain, November 2016; hosting organisation: IMAGINA.
  5. Training Course ‘Identity: Human’ on Cyprus, December 2016; hosting organisation: Youth Dynamics

There are still places for active people who would like to join our team created by our members and volunteers involved in ECIM initiatives, so do no hesitate and ask us and our leaders for more details 🙂

ECIM in the role of partner in 5 approved projects in Croatia, Cyprus, Slovenia and Spain!